Florals – Hydrangea

Stunning “classic” style Hydrangeas, such as this “Rodeo Classic”, are starting to arrive in the flower market and buckets full of beautiful English Hydrangeas abound so we thought this week would be a good opportunity to take a closer look at this ever popular flower.

Classic Hydrangea Flowers

English HydrangeaWith their large mop-head shapes and clusters of pretty florets, Hydrangeas are classic garden flowers. They come in a variety of colours from reds, purples, pinks and blues to white and green. Combinations of colours are also available, such as green and red; and green with purple coloured edges.  They are available all year round, with the peak season (from May to October) bringing both vibrant shades of pink, purple and blue and pretty pastels, late Summer and Autumn seeing an abundance of home grown English Hydrangea arriving in soft pinks but turning to brighter reds as the season advances; and the winter plenty of whites and greens imported from Columbia.



Hydrangeas are great for weddings and events, they are hugely versatile, despite their size, and suited to country, vintage and more modern styles. Their popularity stems not only from their classic garden look but also from the fact that they combine really well with lots of other flowers, as seen below with tall spires of Delphinium or Orchid heads; or they can be used on their own either en masse or individually.


bud vase wedding flowers

Hydrangea plants can also be found in the flower market and have been used below, together with standard bay trees, to decorate the outside of a wedding venue and designed to be transplanted into the bride and groom’s garden after the wedding.

plants for use in weddingsThey will also add style to any living space. If using at home re-cut the stems and stand in fresh water with flower food. Hydrangeas take up a lot of water and dry out easily so it’s a good idea to replace the water everyday (re-cuttng the stems as you do so) to maintain the life of your flowers. The flower heads can also be misted to maximise longevity.



Whatever your use for these wonderfully versatile flowers they always impress.


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