Florals – Lilac

Lilac is a deciduous flowering ornamental tree with clusters of small fragrant flowers. In the language of flowers purple lilac means first love. It is popular in parks and gardens throughout the UK where it flowers for a few weeks in spring. However, it is readily available from flower markets from December to April. It comes varying shades of purple through to pale pink and white. It is sold without the leaves and whilst expensive can last well.

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It is perfect for late winter and spring weddings and is especially at home in garden style or vintage themes. Beautifully versatile, it’s tall stems make it an excellent choice for pedestal designs but it can also be cut down for use in table and more classic designs.

Table runner in pastel coloured flowers

lilac wedding flowersIf you are using lilac at home make sure you keep your vases topped up as they are thirsty flowers and change the water every other day. However you are using it, enjoy.

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