How to put on a buttonhole

As a wedding florist I often find myself assisting the groom’s party by helping to attach the buttonholes. It is a very small detail but ensures everyone looks smart. For everyone else here’s how you do it.

Please note that gentlemen wear their buttonhole on their left lapel.

If there is a buttonhole there, then you can simply insert the stem right through the fabric and secure it with a pin for added security. If the buttonhole is sewn up you will need to have it pinned on to the fabric of the lapel.

A pin is provided with the buttonhole when it arrives. Whether the buttonhole is sewn up or not, the aim is to have the pin hold the stem against your jacket.

Make sure that the flower head is pointed up towards the left shoulder. Lift the lapel to expose the back and hold the flower in place. Push the pin through the back of the lapel and through the stem of the buttonhole. The point of the pin should go through the stem where it is thick, just below where it attaches to the petals. Then guide the pin back through the lapel, as if you are sewing a stitch.

The pin should be secure and lay vertically against the lapel. Both ends of the pin should end up on the back of the lapel, hidden from view. 

Use a second pin if you need extra support. 

Buttonhole made with blushing bride protea

White rose buttonhole

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