Top tips for choosing wedding flowers

With so much expectation placed on a wedding, and with so many different decisions to make, choosing the flowers for your wedding can often seem a daunting task. The good news is that the vast range of flower and foliage material available nowadays makes it possible to have beautiful wedding flowers throughout the year, whatever your budget.

There are a number of factors to bear in mind when choosing wedding flowers, such as the type of venue, your personal style, the design of your wedding gown, and the style and size of the wedding (lavish or simple, contemporary or romantic), and your budget. Hopefully these tips will offer you some guidance when it comes to making your choice.

Use seasonal flowers

A large number of flowers are now available all year round but generally seasonal flowers are the best choice for wedding flowers, both in terms of value for money and for creating harmony with the world around us, for example, sweet peas and tulips in the spring and Hydrangeas in the summer months. Some popular flowers such as lily of the valley and peonies have very short growing seasons so try to be flexible with your ideas and discuss alternatives with your florist.

White flowers bridal bouquet

Aim for the maximum impact for your budget

Most brides and grooms will have a budget to allot to flowers. By being creative there are a number of ways that you can make your budget work for you. For example, large pedestal arrangements can look amazing with the addition of seasonal foliage, branches or berries which will normally be less expensive than flowers. Foliage, as well as being budget friendly, makes excellent long lasting pew ends. Brides often find that the costs of floral arrangements for tables can add up. If you are on a budget consider using groups of jam jars, bottles and small vases which can be mixed and matched to make simple wedding table designs.

Foliage pew ends

Seek inspiration

Look at images from magazines, the Internet and books to get an idea of the types of flowers and styles of arrangements that you would like to have. There are some classic favourites such as Roses, Hydrangeas, Peonies and Phalaenopsis orchids and these always prove reliable choices if in doubt.

Consider the Venue

Select wedding flowers that look like they belong in your venue, for example, vases of cottage garden style flowers, in rustic settings, garden flowers in Orangeries and arcing stems of orchids in formal ballrooms. Also bear in mind the size and shape of your tables, for example whether you are having round tables rather than long narrow tables can influence the shape and style of your centre pieces. Be careful that your chosen designs are not too tall (so that guests can see over them) or too wide that there is no space once all the glassware and cutlery etc. are on the table. Alternatively, choose tall designs that your guests can see beneath.


Determine your colour scheme

White and cream are undoubtedly the most popular colours for wedding flowers, with roses always being popular. However, there is no reason why you should not opt for bold colours if this is more in keeping with your personal preference. You could use colours from the same colour palette and include different textures or you can select contrasting colours such as orange and green or green and violet. Whatever you choose make sure you select colours that suit you.

Take into account your wedding dress

Consider the style, colour, and overall volume of your wedding dress when selecting your bridal bouquet. Always choose flowers to compliment your dress. Generally the size of the wedding bouquet is determined by the style of the dress and the bride’s stature. Bear in mind matters such as size and comfort. Big is not always best when it comes to bridal bouquets as the larger the bouquet the heavier it will be to carry. You may wish to opt for a simple hand tied bouquet if you are on a budget as cascading wired bouquets are costly in terms of flowers and labour.

Finishing touches

When designing your reception flowers think about adding finishing touches that will make your wedding celebration your own. Consider adding tea lights and votives, wedding favours such as small pots of plants or fold napkins so that you create a pocket to hold a single flower.

Finally, whatever you choose we trust your flowers will be everything you want them to be when it comes to your wedding day.


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