White wedding flowers – our top 5

White wedding flowers are always a popular choice with brides providing elegance and sophistication in both simple and lavish settings, with all white bouquets being a classic choice for bridal bouquets. There are numerous white flowers in differing shades of white and cream offering endless possibilities for their use in your wedding. Here we take a brief look at a few of our favourites.

white wedding flowers


Roses are the most popular flower in the floristry industry and white roses are a traditional choice for wedding flowers. They are available all year round and suitable for all sorts of arrangements from the classic buttonhole to bridal bouquets and large pedestal designs. Varieties such as Avalanche and Vendela make ideal wedding flowers.

White flowers bridal bouquet


With their large showy mop head shapes, hydrangeas are great flowers for weddings. They are very versatile and look stunning used en-masse or individually. They are suitable for use as table flowers and in large focal arrangements. However, care is needed when using hydrangeas in bouquets as they dry out easily.

wedding table flowers in silver votives


Phalaenopsis Orchid

Phalaenopsis orchids are one of the most beautiful and graceful white flowers and are extremely popular, adding a sophisticated and luxurious feel to a wedding. They are one of the whitest blooms available. Left on their natural stem they are ideal for use in limited designs or to cascade down a lavish vase of mixed flowers. Individual heads can be used to add a special touch to smaller arrangements or wired to add to bouquets or for use as buttonholes.

Phalaenopsis orchids focal arrangement

bud vase wedding flowers

Calla lily

Zantedeschia, commonly referred to as calla lilies, are tall and elegant. They are impressive flowers with fleshy stems (which can be thick) on top of which is a single funnel shaped flower. They are in demand as bridal designs and for use in ceremony and reception arrangements. Smaller varieties, such as Chrystal Blush, make excellent buttonholes and corsages.

Cascading bridal bouquet of white calla lilies


One of our most requested flowers, the peony is admired universally for its large heads of delicate petals. It works well in tied designs as well as in larger pedestal arrangements where it combines well with tall stems of Delphinium flowers. However, it has a short availability period that generally peaks between April and June.

Wedding and bridal flowers with peonies

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